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Three year's after POPULAR and the well received "Wicked boy", Ayélé singer but also dreamer and lover and Laurent Griffon, groovy bass and guitar player and the long time fellow musician of Amadou & Mariam, come back with a new album.

After the home made POPULAR the new opus was conducted by two renouned producers. Jean- Benoît Dunckel from AIR the famous french band, brought to life three of the tracks : "Motor Love", "Dream For Two", "Treat Me Like A Queen". NYC producer with a french touch, Mark Plati, invited Laurent to navigate again between the first and beloved instrument, bass and guitar.

MOTOR LOVE, Pepper Island's new album, at once more elaborated and freer than the previous, is translated in french by the band : "Amour comme moteur".
It is a very refreshing surprise.


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